What is Global Math Challenge?

Global Math Challenge (GMC) is a worldwide math competition held online and hosted by Sony Global Education, Inc.

Great brainteasers in this contest will excite & fascinate math lovers both young and old. Enjoy competing with math fans all over the world, from the USA to Japan, China and beyond!

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Why take part in Global Math Challenge?

Challenge Your True Mathematical Creativity

Challenge your true mathematical creativity

Global Math Challenge gives you carefully selected, beautifully presented questions devised by the Japan Prime Math Olympic Committee*.

Different from what you may find in other math contests, GMC asks you to combine both your intelligence & intuition every step of the way. Discover your true math sense with Global Math Challenge.

* The Japan Prime Math Olympic Committee have been running the premier math contests in Japan for over 20 years. Supported by the Japanese Ministry of Education, the Prime Math Olympics helps to draw out and enhance ability in mathematics.

Compete with math lovers worldwide

Everybody can equally compete in math. It's the same language worldwide, with no cultural or national boundaries.

Challenge yourself and measure your skill against math fans worldwide, from Bengaluru to Beijing, Tokyo to New York.

Compete with Math Lovers Worldwide
Wake Up Your Intuition with Convincing Visual Aids

Take your thinking skills to the next level

Once you have completed the challenge, The GMC 5 Thinking Strategies will give you unique insights into your thinking process. Do you rush through questions? Take a more considered approach? The 5 Thinking Strategies will help you find out and give actionable advice on how to improve your growth mindset.

The GMC Review, available on the Standard Plan, provides easy to follow, step by step explanations for every question on the contest. Everyone can walk away from Global Math Challenge with new skills they can put to use everyday.

Take a Peek at Sample Questions

Course: G4/G5/G6
4-digit password. OPEN(no age restriction) Joey had totally forgotten the password for his cell phone. Joey's 1st try: 6087. Joy's 2nd try: 5173. Joy's 3th try: 1358. Joy's 4th try: 3825. Joy's 5th try: 2531. After missing all the five tries, he finally nailed it at the sixth shot. He found out that every guess he made included two correct digits, although they were all placed in a wrong place. What was the ordered combination of four digits to unlock the phone?
Course: G3/G4/G5
Weights of stuffed animals. U9(under 9-Year-Old) There are fourkinds of stuffed animals–a pig, a cat, a rabbit, and a bear. They are placed on balance scales as shown below. Which one is the lightest of the four?
Course: G5/G6/OPEN
Five sets of rings. U11(under 11-Year-Old) We assemble five sets of jump rings into a circle of chain as shown below. The rules to assemble rings are as follows. It costs $1 to cut open a link. It costs $2 to weld a jump ring. What is the lowest fee to make it?
Juice bottles. U13(under 13-Year-Old) Juice fills the bottle up to the red line, 9 cm from the bottom. When you turn the bottle upside down, the juice comes to 3 cm above the line. Next, you have a glassful of juice from the bottle and then place it upside down. In that case, it fills up to the red line. How many glasses of juice does this bottle hold?
Course: G1/G2/G3
Apples & Oranges. U9(under 9-Year-Old) We have 18 apples and oranges altogether, and there are more oranges than apples. Now we divide them into two groups of nine and put them on plates. Both plates have at least one apple and one orange. When one plate has seven apples on it, how many oranges do we have in total?
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What's so great about GMC?

Math is the world’s common language.

Math exists everywhere across the globe - you can communicate with people all over the world using math as a ‘language’.
Your math skills can be your passport to the forefront of almost any field of endeavor.

Kenichiro Mogi
Japanese brain scientist. Senior researcher of Sony Computer Science Laboratories. Graduated from the University of Tokyo with a degree of science and law. Received a Ph.D. with the thesis "Mathematical Model of Muscle Contraction” in 1992. Completed PH.D program in Cambridge University.

BalloonKenichiro Mogi

Use math as a way to view the world.

Math is an essential component of the STEM equation and is crucial for students' futures. Through the Global Math Challenge we are not only encouraging young people to engage with math, we are encouraging them to use math as a way to view the world, a way to find patterns and reason, and a way to seek answers that builds confidence when addressing personal and global challenges.

Celina Morgan-Standard
Senior Vice President of Global Business Development at The New York Academy of Sciences

The world is made of math.

Math is a language that enables communication beyond all kinds of walls. It is a fruit of human wisdom that has been created over the years. You are part of the world that is made of math. Let's use your math skills to challenge the world.

Susumu Sakurai
A Japanese Science Navigator®. Graduated from Department of Mathematics at the Tokyo Institute of Technology. He started his series of lectures as the first Science Navigator from Japan in 2000, and has also written several books on math.

BalloonSusumu Sakurai